What is the difference between Marijuana and Hemp?

Industrial hemp, as distinguished from its cousin marijuana, contains only trace or minimal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but can be rich in other cannabinoid compounds that have strong medical and dietary properties.  Industrial hemp products include fiber material, hemp seed oil used in foods, and CBD infused products which come from the flowers.

The main difference between hemp and marijuana is in its chemical composition, specifically in THC content.  THC is the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects (what gets you high).  An average batch of marijuana contains anywhere from 10-20% THC content.  Hemp, on the other hand, has a maximum THC level of 0.3% which is below the threshold where any effects would be felt.  Some hemp varieties have high cannabidiol (CBD) concentrations, which is known to have substantial medical and health benefits.

Can CBD get you high?

CBD cannot get you high. This is because it is non-psychoactive, unlike THC.

Can I take CBD at work?

While every workplace is different and every CBD product out there is different, one should take caution and do some research before you take CBD. If you are concerned about employer drug testing, you will want to make sure the CBD you consume does not have a detectable THC concentration, whether as Delta9 THC or THCA, because THC may show up on a drug test even though the concentration is very small and considered a trace amount.  Think of poppy seed bagels.  There is a trace amount of opiate in poppy seeds that could theoretically show up on a drug test.  If you are concerned about job performance, CBD should not have a detrimental effect on performance, but rather would likely be helpful.

What is the best way to use CBD?

CBD can come in many forms, and there are so many ways to use it.  It will all depend on how you choose your method. CBD can be inhaled either by vaping or smoking; ingested orally through pills, capsules, tinctures, oils or infused into foods, drinks, and teas; or absorbed through the skin through lotions, salves, creams, balms, or oil.    

How much CBD do I take?

The CBD dosage will depend on your age, weight, lifestyle, etc.  Consult with you physician or give us a call for recommendations. Some advice would be to start out with a low dosage and slowly increase as you see fit.  Every package should have concentration levels listed both as to the entire package and on a per serving basis.  Do not buy CBD products if they do not contain concentration and serving size information.

Still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.